Five We have a number of policies and procedures that support our work with children and families. A full list and copies of all our policies can be made available if required - please ask at reception.

Some key policies are summarised below:

Safeguarding sets out our commitment to safeguarding children, how we do this and the steps we take if we have any concerns that a child's needs are not being met or if they are at risk of harm. The safety of children takes priority over anything else.

Health & Safety affects staff and clients. We are committed to minimising any risks within the organisation to ensure everyone's health, safety and wellbeing.

SEN & Disability - there are many factors which can adversely affect a child's ability to learn and through this policy we set out our commitment to putting in place support for children's learning and development so they can achieve their full potential.

Equal Opportunities - we actively promote inclusion in all we do by considering what are the things that might stop someone taking part and what we can do to take away those barriers.

Confidentiality - we will never disclose any information you give to us to a third party without your consent, unless we believe that by not sharing information we will place a child, you or any other person at risk.

Positive Behaviour - this policy sets out a framework for how we work together and with other agencies to support positive behaviour in our setting and the wider community. Children have developed their own positive behaviour policy based on our pyramid approach called "Rules Rule"