Five Five Children and Families Trust is committed to the provision of volunteering opportunities for local residents in order to support the aims and objectives of the organisation and the wider area regeneration.

Volunteering opportunities within Five Children and Families Trust may be service related or client based providing individuals with structured activities that it is hoped will enhance their employability.

We fully respect the needs of volunteers and recognise individual reasons for volunteering are varied and where volunteering opportunities are not available with the organisation we will utilise our extensive networks to match volunteers to appropriate organisations with related aims and objectives.

The value of volunteering

We recognise that volunteering provides a valuable exchange in particular for the organisation by:

Who looks after our volunteers?

Jamal Dermott our Family Involvement and Inclusion Manager has overall responsibility for overseeing all volunteering opportunities and development. Prior to joining Five he spent many years as a detached youth worker and later as a development worker for the Princes Trust. Jamal has also worked as a volunteer in Eastern Europe and West Africa supporting community development.

Jamal will guarantee that all volunteers receive a comprehensive induction and personal development plan. Through regular supervision and action planning all volunteers will be given access to individual customised training which will maximise their employability.

Additionally when volunteers are confident and ready to return to work he will assist in:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid expenses?
All out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed for travel and lunches.

Will I receive help with childcare?
We will endeavour to provide support by offering childcare in a Five Children and Families Trust provision where a place is available.

What will I be expected to wear?
All our volunteers are treated like any other member of the team, depending on the activity the volunteers undertakes a uniform will be provided at no cost.

Will I be insured?
Yes Five Children and Families Trust has full public and employer liability insurance.

How do I find out about volunteer vacancies?
We actively promote volunteering opportunities to ensure local people have access and our organisation continues to reflect the local community. All volunteer recruitment is carried out in line with our equal opportunities policy.

What types of volunteering roles are available?

Volunteer Support

Volunteers can expect:

Volunteers will be expected to:

Policy and Procedure

All policies detailed within the Five Children and Families Trust handbook apply equally to volunteers with exception to remuneration for services, although provision is made for volunteer expenses as detailed above.