Five New Futures was set up in 2010 by a group of local parents who wanted to make a positive impact in their community. Over the past few years we have supported our local Children's Centre by tapping into various pots of funding and contributing to the cost of trips and activities for families - such as day trips to Blackpool, the Lake District, Christmas Pantomimes and grottos.

Last year we organised Christmas lunches and tied it in with Save the Children Christmas Jumper Appeal raising over £100.00. We also arranged a Movie Matinee which again was really well attended.

We have helped to set-up and support a number of activities including a Dad's group, gardening group and a bicycle club. We have funded health and safety courses and cookery lessons at the Can Cook Studio.

More recently, we were successful in securing funding from the Big Lottery which enabled us to pay towards the Children Centre's tenth birthday celebrations in September last year.

This was one of our biggest events yet; with a live band, fashion show and dance troupes to name just a few. We attracted over 1,000 people and the feedback we received was really positive. In fact, we would love to make this an annual event!

Although the Children's Centre plays a big part in New Futures and we will always support their work, it isn't the only thing that we have been set-up to do. We want to work with the wider community; to build and strengthen partnerships with other groups and organisations. To this end, as part of our lottery bid, we hosted a number of training courses that were offered to other volunteer groups working in the community.

Storytelling Skill Training

In April last year we ran a two day storytelling course and invited two parent volunteers from each of the four primary schools to attend. The skills they gained enable them to work alongside nursery and reception teachers. Katrice Horsley, National Storytelling Laureate, was commissioned by New Futures to share her skills and experience in the art of storytelling.

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

In September, we held a two day Asset Based Community Development training course. This was also offered to other groups in the area such as Save Austin Rawlinson group, school parent governors, Speke and Garston Adventure Playgrounds, LHT, STEC and Liverpool Housing Trust.

ABCD is about the sustainable development of communities based on their strengths and potential. It involves assessing the resources, skills, and experience available in a community; organising the community around issues that move its members into action; and help them reach their goals. Which just about sums up what we are hoping to achieve for New Futures and with a little help from you we'll be able to just that.


So what next?

We are hoping to recruit more volunteers to join us, so if the answer is yes to the following questions then why not sign-up to become a New Futures volunteer:

Reasons not to become a volunteer

I don't have any skills
Oh yes you do! Everyone has something to offer whether it's taking minutes at a meeting, putting up tents, reading storybooks to children, making tea, dressing up as Minnie Mouse or just being an extra body at an event. Any time that you can spare is valuable to us.

I don't have the time
There are different levels of commitment that we are asking for to suit your other responsibilities:

  1. Committee members - these are the decision makers who are voted in as a committee each year. We usually meet every month or so to plan events and talk about potential funding opportunities.
  2. Non voting members - will be kept informed of any events and training opportunities through our facebook page and occasional get togethers (like our breakfast and curry night). We hope that you would be able to commit some time to help out at whatever the event may be. You would also have the opportunity to become a full voting member if you wanted to - but there is no pressure to do so.