Five Research shows that babies respond to stimulus even before they are born.

We have developed a programme of linked interactive courses to help you through the first exciting year of your child's life.

You & Your Baby is delivered to parents in early pregnancy. The course has been developed with child psychologists from the working together team and experienced staff from across Liverpool Children Centres.

It is a two hour session aimed at giving you understanding of how your baby's brain develops and the importance of positive relationships for your babies development and how you can support these things even during pregnancy.

Baby Massage is designed for parents and babies from 0-6 months old and run over a period of six weeks. Massage is good for both baby and carer.

It stimulates the senses, provides relief from colic and promotes digestive health and sleep. It also reduces stress in both the carer and baby and encourages bonding between parent and child.

Baby PEEP is a group for babies from birth to 11 months old and their parents/carers. The groups are about making the most of everyday life with babies and having fun.

They build on what parents/carers already do and on babies amazing ability to learn. They have shown to help children's very early learning and lead to success in later learning, particularly in reading and writing.

Chatterbox is all about understanding how your baby plays, learns and communicates and can give you clues about your child’s development.

Children develop at different rates but generally babies should have reached certain milestones at 6 months.