Five We work with families with children 0-5 yrs, living in Speke.

We offer a home-visiting or Centre-based service and work in partnership with health services such as health visitors, midwives and other agencies.

If you are a parent who needs information or support, the Family Involvement Team can:

Usually, one of our team will give you a call, as it is a service offered to all families.

If not, you can ask your midwife, health visitor or local GP to refer you or contact reception in the Centre and we will arrange an appointment.

The Nurturing Programme aims to help adults understand and manage feelings and behaviour and become more positive and nurturing in their relationships with children and each other. It encourages an approach to relationships that gives children and adults an emotionally healthy start for their lives and learning.

Parent Mentoring is a special, supportive relationship between a parent/carer and a trained volunteer mentor. This is an informal support system: Parent Mentors support and encourage parents/carers to use positive parenting approaches with the children.